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havent u heard?God is back and hes online.u have to log in to see him u click with Ur heart and upload yourself all at once


more info...?

💣 likes
angels, cold weather, horror, bugs, coffee, cheesecake, purple, blood n guts

⛓️ dislikes
orange juice, cishet men, country music,
weird textures, florida


⛧ autistic + other flavors of nd
⛧ primary interests are my own ocs, mmd, castlevania, and madoka magica
⛧ i block liberally and without reason. i do not owe anyone explanations.
⛧ i use faggot and make frequent kys/kms jokes. please let me know if either of these things make you uncomfortable; i am 100% capable of curbing my language around others
⛧ i fortunately did not exist from 2018 to 2020
⛧ i am a real angel made up of 5643169 live centipedes
⛧ i prefer not to be referred to by name by anyone i don't know personally
⛧ i can be sensitive to tone over text, so while i don't need tone tags all the time, they are appreciated; i use them to clarify occasionally myself
⛧ i have carpal tunnel in every bone of my body
⛧ alucard is my irl husband and we will meet in online heaven when i die
⛧ while on public websites/servers i am ok with communicating with minors in passing, i have no wish to be friends or have personal connections with anyone who is under 17
⛧ feel free to message me on the platform of ur choice, i will never make the first move

⸸ miku miku dance (mmd)
⸸ five night's at freddy's
⸸ undertale/deltarune
⸸ danganronpa
⸸ castlevania
⸸ madoka magica
⸸ gorillaz
⸸ mortis ghost's OFF
⸸ doki-doki literature club
⸸ vocaloid
⸸ animal crossing
⸸ resident evil
⸸ silent hill

⸸ scp foundation
⸸ night in the woods
⸸ ouran highschool host club
⸸ legend of zelda
⸸ invader zim
⸸ soul eater
⸸ rpg horror maker games
⸸ sanrio
⸸ death note
⸸ pokemon
⸸ splatoon
⸸ stardew valley
⸸ sally face
⸸ red dead redemption


my ocs are a part of a story called RE:BIRTH that i co-write with my friend exelia. here are a few of my babies

- 18
- they/them
- gay
bearer of the curse. socially withdrawn. fiercely loyal to their loved ones. makes silly mistakes too often. all too alone in the world. needs a hug.

- 19
- they/them
- bisexual
prophetic mind-reader. polite and proper. likes to read. dislikes loud noises. takes on too much responsibility. usually consumed with someone else's emotions.

- ??? (ghost)
- they/them
- queer
dead kid. has the emotional capacity of a toaster. way overconfident. obnoxious at times. desperate to help their friends. a little stupid at times but they have the spirit (get it)

- 19
- he/him
- gay
werewolf. stoic guy with a lot on his mind. always looking for a snack. smarter than he looks... sometimes. refuses to follow the rules. avid lover of nature.

- ???
- they/it
- parasite
a remnant of karma's past, violent and unforgiving. learning to speak gave them patience and purpose. very protective of their friends. helpless to another being's whims.

more to be added!



i do not take kins seriously. im just insane

this is a placeholder for rn. i'll make it look nice later
· basic dni criteria
· under seventeen
· discourse oriented
· mcyt/dream fans
· anyone affiliated with
amino and/or virtual space
· anyone who thinks they like alucard
more than me. i guarantee u don't


Q: what version of pmx do you use?
A: this one. if you can't stand the occasional bugs, go with this one.
Q: how do you convert from zepeto?
A: i use an android emulator, assetstudio, and meta4 to convert fbx to pmd, then rig within pmx
Q: what other programs do you use?
A: several different versions of blender for 3D stuff, gimp for quick texture edits, procreate for more complicated texture edits, notepad++ for effect editing, pureref for easy references, and sims4studio for sims conversions. i also poke at vroid for bases and have been experimenting with making hair within it.
Q: do you have a blacklist?
A: no. i will block you if i don't want you using my things. in general though, i ask if you are associated with "drama" to refrain from interacting with me, but i don't care if you use anything i put up for download. just credit me properly!
Q: can i credit you as "majora"?
A: no. refer to this section on my profile and please use my username, @cherubclaws

Q: are you okay? your profile concerns me
A: you're just jealous of what i have with komaeda
Q: do you take requests/commissions?
A: nope
Q: are your models for dl?
A: nope
Q: can you help me with...?
A: depends, but probably! i am insane but i don't bite.
Q: how did you do...?
A: autism
Q: can we be friends?
A: Ah... He... hello. My name is .. .ha.... Nagito. Komaeda.
I... I'm inside your computer right n-now, it... it's warm in here...
If you don't mind maybe y—
Maybe you'd let me out .
Oh. yes. I can fix your hard drive from inside here.
Ah, could you... pass me a screwdriver?
Thank you. This is the right one.
Mingled in with the intermittent sputterings of your overworked computer vent, you can hear soft sobs from deep within your workstation PC.